Myanmar Stock Exchange

IT Outline



  1. What is Capital Market (IT perspective)? Note: General IT terminology.

    1. All trading is done via IT
    2. Record keeping is done via IT
    3. Your money is protected by IT
  2. Security in Capital Market

    1. Confidence in keeping your money and stock certificate in electronic format. (Explanation on how security plays an important role in capital market)
    2. Arbitrage (Trade share ahead of other people)
    3. Nasdaq Hacking article (same with banking) (Joe has an article)
    4. Solutions to above: (See handout)
      1. Safeguard against delivery failure
      2. Safeguard against forged stock certificates
      3. Safeguard against losing statutory books
      4. Safeguard against operation mistakes
      5. Safeguard against system outage
      6. Safeguard against identity fraud
      7. Safeguard against payment failure
  3. IT professional and Capital Market

    1. Why IT professional are critical? Do we have talent in Myanmar to support capital market?
    2. IT professional in operation (Various IT professional roles in capital market)
      1. Backend (Infrastructure, database, etc)
      2. Frontend (Web, Application, middleware, etc)
      3. Support (Audit, Security (example firewall, authentication (i.e. token), etc)
    3. Job opportunity: High end IT professions, at global standard, to be employed by Stock Brokerage companies, banks, SEC, auditing firm, education, etc.
    4. For example, IT auditor, do we have one?
  4. Trading

    1. How to buy/sell stock? Trade manually, on-line (screenshot), apps (phone). Explanation about how stocks are being traded and sold.
    2. Scriptless trading, no paper stock certificate (see handout)
    3. Rise of the Internet and e-Commerce, electronic funds transfers, digital signatures, internet service provider liability, domain name dispute.
    4. Strict daily reporting via IT instead of paper, per SEC regulations.